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June 10, 2011 Meet Aysha!

Bubbleh, smiley, and just fun to be around. Aysha, I am now out of your face [insider]. icon smile Meet Aysha!

We were both classmates in a computer science class. Never said a word to each other, and then I received an unexpected facebook message from Aysha showing interest in a portrait session. I could not have been more excited :D. Aysha is an amazing person, beautiful inside and out!

She said “I’m not too comfortable in front of the camera”. Once we settled and I started taking photos, you would think she’s been modeling forever. I had such an amazing time, and I can’t wait to do this again! Enjoy the images!

storyboard 10 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 1 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 2 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 4 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 5 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 6 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 7 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 8 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 3 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 9 Meet Aysha!

Congrats to Manhattan Hunter Science High School’s graduating class of …

storyboard 4 Congratulations: Class of...

After finishing up the shoot with Aakanksha, I headed over to Union Square to catch up with my buddy Chuck over some Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. Good coffee, and great time.

Then I headed back to Hunter College to gather the senior class of Manhattan Hunter Science High School together for a senior group photo at theBethesda Fountain in Central Park.

A fun crowd to say the least; They had me laughing A LOT! Sure they were like first graders at times :), but they helped a lot in preparing the shots and got some great images. Thanks guys!

CONGRATS MHSHS Class of 2011!

storyboard 5 Congratulations: Class of...

storyboard 3 Congratulations: Class of...