Engagement Session Preparation

A lot of people don’t understand the reasoning behind the engagement session. For me, it’s an ice breaker. I like to use the session to get to know more about each other while getting great images. I want you to get comfortable with me and with yourself in front of the camera. My goal is to build a trust with you, so you are so comfortable with me that on your wedding day you forget I’m there. Let’s get started..

First and foremost, the one thing I want you to take home from here is: Be comfortable with whatever you choose to wear.

I capture a couple’s relationship in the truest form, so don’t let the choice of your clothing stress you out. Regardless of what you are wearing, we’re going to have a good time and capture some great images. Plan for 2-3 outfit changes. If you love your wardrobe, bring it all, I’ll help you narrow down to the most photogenic outfits.


  • - Clothing with Graphics/logos/texts: We want the attention on our couple not our clothes.
  • - Overdoing the Matching: Instead of matching different shades of the same color, check out this link to popular color combinations that complement each other.
  • - Sneakers: Unless the session has an athletic theme. If you absolutely must have sneakers, chucks are the most photogenic.
  • - Mismatched personalities: If she’s wearing an evening dress, guys please avoid wearing shorts.
  • - Clothes that are too tight or too baggy: If they are too tight, you will look uncomfortable. If they are too baggy, they will make you appear bigger.
  • - Mineral make-up: it reflects light and can make you look greasy

  • - Jeans: They photograph very well
  • - Dresses: For the ladies, if you’re comfortable in dresses, go ahead and grab a nice bright colored dress.
  • - Solid colors: Colors that complement each other and draw attention to you, not the patterns on your clothing.
  • - Accessories: Bring them. We don’t have to use them, but they can definitely be fun to work with.
  • - Proper grooming: For guys, a fresh shave is preferred. Professionally manicured nails are highly recommended.

Keep in mind, this is YOUR engagement session. Think about how you can personalize it.

  • – Bring props
  • – Anything sentimental to you guys
  • – “Save the date” signs or “Thank You” signs to incorporate directly to your wedding