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June 10, 2011 Meet Aysha!

Bubbleh, smiley, and just fun to be around. Aysha, I am now out of your face [insider]. icon smile Meet Aysha!

We were both classmates in a computer science class. Never said a word to each other, and then I received an unexpected facebook message from Aysha showing interest in a portrait session. I could not have been more excited :D. Aysha is an amazing person, beautiful inside and out!

She said “I’m not too comfortable in front of the camera”. Once we settled and I started taking photos, you would think she’s been modeling forever. I had such an amazing time, and I can’t wait to do this again! Enjoy the images!

storyboard 10 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 1 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 2 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 4 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 5 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 6 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 7 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 8 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 3 Meet Aysha!

storyboard 9 Meet Aysha!

Wow, after writing that title, it’s just sunk in. She’s really graduating!

A graduation of any type symbolizes more to me than just a student/scholar successfully completed a course of school work. In this case, the little girl who I made fun of (and still do) is now a young adult with more wisdom and wit than any 17 yr old I’ve met. She’ll be graduating in a 2 months, and even though she will stay in NYC, the thought of her graduating just makes it feel like she’ll be moving miles away.

I know she’ll grow to be a smart and beautiful woman.
I couldn’t be any more happier to have been able to have this shoot with her.

Enjoy the photos!

Congrats Aysha! Wishing you the best. “Make mama proud!” [insider] icon wink So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 11 So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 2 So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 3 So my sister is graduating!

I personally loved the next two photos A LOT.

storyboard 41 So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 5 So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 6 So my sister is graduating!

And of course, you can never go wrong with a bit of Lil’ Jon playing. icon smile So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 7 So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 8 So my sister is graduating!

storyboard 9 So my sister is graduating!

From San Fransisco to NYC for a few days, Aakanksha (How cool is her name!!!) came to visit family and friends. We linked up and got to do a quick Photo shoot before she had to catch a flight back to SF.

The goal was to head to The High Line and on the way, we stumbled upon a rather interesting location at 9th and Hanson at which we decided to continue and finish our shoot.

Fortunately, the sun made its presence and helped along the shoot. Had a hell of a fun time!! She’ll be back to NYC in May (for another possible shoot?). Until then, take a look at the shoot from this past Friday.

storyboard 2 copy From the Golden Gates to the Empire State

storyboard 3 copy From the Golden Gates to the Empire State

storyboard 5 copy From the Golden Gates to the Empire State

storyboard 7copy From the Golden Gates to the Empire State

There’s something so intimate about a silhouette that says a lot more to me about a person than any plain old portrait. They’re simple (as an image) yet so complex (as a composition) with so many gratifying minuscule aspects, and all there is to it is body language.

Aakanksha 1 Photo of the Day: Oh Silouhette, How I love thee.

“This place is boring”
“This room is too small”
“There’s no windows”
…SO on and so forth…

So we’ve all been there…you know, when you’re limited to almost nothing in terms of composing a great image. Photographer or not, if you’re holding a camera and want something more than just a decent image, you must learn to utilize light and make it your best friend.

This isn’t a “How to” lighting tutorial. There are plenty of great DVD’s, books, and sites, that can offer more help. Visit strobist for a wide variety of useful tips.

This is my post about making the best of a boring situation.

NazBlog1 Making something out of nothing

I was able to add some definition to my friend and create a more interesting portrait as opposed to direct flash or bouncing off the ceiling.

Truth is, I had 2 feet of space (in a very crowded kitchen), and my pal here was against a bland beige wall next to a refrigerator. All I did was bounce the SB-900 off the refrigerator which created a more diffused and attractive light.

January 30, 2011 Photoshoot with Ivonne

Hey everyone! Sorry I really haven’t updated here since I got it started. It’s been a problem and then some to get this blog thing figured out, but I think I got the hang of it now.

Today’s post is about a beautiful young lady who I’ve met in the spring of 2010. After getting together with several of her close friends and family and enjoying and capturing the celebration of her Birthday, I had the opportunity of getting together with her again to have a photoshoot in DUMBO.

The shoot was fun to say the least. As you will see, Ivonne is not only very photogenic but she is also very fashion forward and is a natural in front of the camera! Take a look…

Ivonne11 Photoshoot with IvonneIvonne3 Photoshoot with Ivonne

Oh, a fun fact about Ivonne: She has a knack for always getting dresses with sexy creative patterns on the back.

Ivonne22 Photoshoot with Ivonne

As I get the hang of blogging, I will be more frequent in doing so. So follow me on Twitter and like me on Facebook and stay posted. Thanks for viewing!