“This place is boring”
“This room is too small”
“There’s no windows”
…SO on and so forth…

So we’ve all been there…you know, when you’re limited to almost nothing in terms of composing a great image. Photographer or not, if you’re holding a camera and want something more than just a decent image, you must learn to utilize light and make it your best friend.

This isn’t a “How to” lighting tutorial. There are plenty of great DVD’s, books, and sites, that can offer more help. Visit strobist for a wide variety of useful tips.

This is my post about making the best of a boring situation.

NazBlog1 Making something out of nothing

I was able to add some definition to my friend and create a more interesting portrait as opposed to direct flash or bouncing off the ceiling.

Truth is, I had 2 feet of space (in a very crowded kitchen), and my pal here was against a bland beige wall next to a refrigerator. All I did was bounce the SB-900 off the refrigerator which created a more diffused and attractive light.

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